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Recovery programs are sets of treatments, techniques, and strategies that are grouped together with the goal of helping a person to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction. These programs are designed to address both the physical and mental components of drug or alcohol addictions to provide comprehensive and effective treatment.

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The Models of Recovery Programs

The models of recovery are the philosophies that underlie these treatment programs. They include the motivational incentives model and the motivational interviewing model (among others).

Programs for recovery are designed utilizing certain models of recovery, which are essentially guiding philosophies that help to sequence treatments and to give the entire program structure and continuity. Many such programs of recovery, no matter what model they use are designed with the 12 steps of recovery in mind.

This well-known and respected treatment model takes the recovering addict through different stages or steps of the process of recovery will different tasks, whether they are mental, emotional or social, that help to repair damage done by addiction and to move forward from it. Though many of these programs do not explicitly mention the 12 steps of recovery, most use them in some way or another.

Other models include:

The Motivational Incentives Model

The motivational incentives model of recovery focuses on providing extrinsic (external) rewards and incentives to encourage recovering addicts to participate in their treatments and therapies. When an addict makes it through the detox process, they are likely still dealing with residual withdrawal symptoms that leave them feeling vulnerable, moody, angry and ultimately uncooperative with their treatments.

This can keep them from participating in their therapy sessions and hinder their progress in recovery due to their lack of engagement, motivation, and enthusiasm. Providing attainable, tangible rewards to recovering addicts who choose to participate in their treatments helps to get those reluctant and resistant patients on track and engaged in their recovery and sobriety.

The Motivational Interviewing Model

The motivational interviewing model of recovery focuses on making the recovering addict feel as if they are the ones in charge of their treatments and recovery. It focuses on an individual’s drive to succeed and their unique journey towards recovery. In this treatment, the therapist become an ally in the recovery process, guiding the recovering addict to find their own causes for addiction, coping strategies, and alternative behaviors to prevent relapse. The individual recovering addict will thus be self-motivated and self-sufficient following recovery.

Addiction Recovery Program Options

Within these models of recovery, many different treatment options may be used. Some of these include:

Art Therapy

Art therapy is designed to help a recovering addict explore and get in touch with their emotions through creating and analyzing art. This helps patients to become aware of problematic feelings, thoughts, and emotions and to channel them into a form of expression rather than trying to stifle or mask them with substance abuse.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is designed to help heal the body following substance abuse, rebalancing both the mind and body. The connection between the mind and body is also emphasized so that the recovering addict understands the effects that thoughts and feelings can have on the body and vice versa.

Recovery programs can be tailored to suit your individual needs. All you need to do is contact Drug Treatment Centers Bloomfield at (973) 842-0725 to begin your journey to recovery.

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